June 30, 2017

The actual monsoon is finally here at your doorstep after playing couple of rounds of hide and seek. The climate is just perfect and the weather is as cosy as it gets. But everything has two sides, but we are sure that you will have sigh of relief after reading this article as we have given you a full proof plan for a safe monsoon. Check it out!

Skip Eating Street Foods

Avoid eating street food as much as possible. Street foods always seem very tempting and by looking at them you just can’t stop yourself from eating it. But it’s necessary for you to know that it’s a risky thing to do as street foods like bhel puri, samosas, pani puri, sandwiches, etc. causes digestion because of the bacteria present in them. In the monsoon season, most no of germs get accumulated on cut vegetables and fruits. These germs lead to water borne diseases like Cholera, Jaundice, dysentery etc. We at Curry Coriander take all the necessary precautions and aim to serve the best of quality dishes to you.

Clean And Pest Free Home

Be Fit, Be Healthy

Being fit and healthy becomes a task in the rains season as you stay indoor most of the times. So, there is no dynamic activities which will help you in breaking a sweat and keep you fit. There are lot of exercises that you can do anytime at your home like skipping, Pilates, free-hand exercising and yoga. This practice should be incorporated in you daily schedule regularly for staying fit and healthy.


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