The Talent Behind the Flavorsome Menu

August 9, 2017

Good Food reflects Good Mood. A wholesome flavor packed meal is what everyone’s taste buds yearn for. Innovations in food with simplistic flavors has come a long way. Today we have widespread access to flavorsome food to impress our palette.

Experimenting with flavors is an art in itself. Knowing the Yin’s and Yang’s of ingredients is a prerequisite for a plate full of yummy food. Indian cuisines have always been rich in flavors. Due to the vast range, the possibilities of new delicious inventions are endless.

Exploring these endless possibilities Curry Coriander crafts his exquisite menu with a dash of global touch to our beloved desi cuisines.We can proudly say that  the merger of Indian ingredients with global flavors is a happy and a long lasting affair.

The person who takes the cake away for this flavorsome art is none other than our beloved Celebrity Chef Nilesh Limaye. Also nicknamed as “(Sinbad the Chef)”, he has stirred up a batter of exquisiteness with the Curry Coriander menu. Curry Coriander offers a wide range of authentic global cuisines that brings you right back to home where the heart is. Nilesh Limaye has put up an astounding show with simple ingredients at hand. The curry coriander menu strikes a perfect balance between subtleness and a wholesome tasty meal.One such subtle appetizer is Onion Pancake. The flavors are mesmerizing but the ingredients involved are minimal. The list is long and it’s truly worth it. Come and explore the authentic cuisines of Curry Coriander. Let’s stir up the craving for curry only at Curry Coriander!


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