October 11, 2017

Candle lights, earthen lights, homes loaded with the sweet aroma of delightful food, the family get-togethers, that is how we would illustrate Diwali in India. Diwali is a celebration of life and all the good that it has to offer. It marks a new beginning In India, it is celebrated with massive vivid firework displays that astonish the night sky. Celebrations include giving presents, decorating your house with colourful lights and family feasts with extreme grandeur.

The centerstage during this annual festivity like any other in India is food. It is a time for togetherness and bonding. What better way but to gather all your loved ones for a Diwali feast at Curry Coriander. It is the perfect place to engulf in tasty appetizing food this Diwali.

We at Curry Coriander offer a widespread of cuisine from all around the world. Our menu is inspired by recipes that complement Indian flavours with global ingredients & techniques. We are known for our authentic curries that have magical Indian hints infused giving you the best flavoursome curries you ever had! The vibrant ambience, bustling tadka and traditional taste of Indian cuisine is a treat for all your senses alike. With quality service and mouthwatering food, it guarantees to give you a memorable experience!

Light up your Diwali with a special feast at Curry Coriander!


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