Intriguing Appetizers to enjoy at Curry Coriander!

January 25, 2018

Curry Coriander’s cuisine is a twist on Indian food with global ingredients & techniques. We know the importance of a delicious appetizer. Our intriguing appetizers combine contrasting textures and flavors for an exciting dining experience. These tasty party bites are the ultimate Indian food for you and your guests.
No need to agonize over the countless options in our menu. Make a plunge as we uncover the appetizers to try at Curry Coriander:

  1. Curry Coriander Special Paneer Sholay:
    Our signature chef’s special is a new addition to our menu! Cottage cheese cubes are marinated in cheese and Sichuan sauce and then cooked to perfection in tandoor! A perfect summer recipe that will please and satisfy the whole family.
  2. Chaape Khaas Tandoori
    Soya is undoubtedly a versatile ingredient. This platter is the perfect appetizer to start your dinner. Soya nuggets are chargrilled in Indian spices making your mouth water at the very sight of them. Enjoy unlimited flavors and rich variety!
  3. Crispy Shiitake Mushrooms
    Loaded with savory flavor and umami taste, you’ll want to add these crispy shiitake mushrooms to your appetizer list. Just one bite of these crispy, savory, slightly smoky shiitakes and you’ll be weak in the knees!
  4. Tofu tossed with dry red chili
    Another chef special at Curry Coriander. This fiery dish is prepared by tossing and frying tofus in fresh red chilies & chili garlic sauce.
  5. Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce
    It is a medley of vegetables and paneer threaded on skewers with peanut sauce. This chef special is a combination of sweet and spicy is sure to strike every single of your taste buds.

Enjoy the lovely weather and gorge on some delicious food, so what are you waiting for? Grab your folks for an ultimate meal at Curry Coriander!

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