A fine dining experience at home!

November 15, 2017

In Mumbai, a city that never sleeps; everyone’s a little preoccupied with their busy schedule. It is a well-established fact that cravings pay us a visit at any time of the day. But seldom are these pangs of untimely hunger greeted with anything like cereal, instant noodle or any other snack. A well-cooked meal is what an empty stomach needs.

With the help of technology and telephones, getting a delicious meal at home/ office has become possible. Suddenly life is easier when your food is delivered to your work or home and that too from your favorite restaurant!

Enjoy a wide array of dishes at Curry Coriander in the comfort of your house. Because let’s face it, deep down we’re all just a bunch of lazy people. Indulge in cuisine, blend of Indian flavors with global ingredients. Our menu is filled with countless options to surprise your taste buds! The intriguing aroma of the interesting dishes will make your stomach to snarl in hunger. Curry Coriander would love to serve you with delicious hot food to satisfy your hunger pangs.

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