Dining out with Curry Coriander

January 31, 2018

A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. It’s about more than just a dining room away from home. Food takes the spotlight as guests become its audience. Factors such as music, lighting, artwork, and spacing combine to create comfort & intimacy. “Atmosphere – it’s of the utmost importance”. It’s very key to a successful restaurant. The lighting and table settings must be right. It’s about trying to space tables out nicely, so you have that atmosphere no matter how busy you are.
Dining at a good restaurant gives dinners the chance to relax, unwind and an enjoy the convivial social atmosphere while eating a delicious meal. We at Curry Coriander create an overall pleasing experience by combining professionalism, good food, and ambiance for the enjoyment of our customer. Providing a complete and memorable dining experience is what we are best at!

Curry Coriander’s cuisine is a twist on Indian food with global ingredients & techniques. It is the perfect place to binge on some healthy vegetarian cuisine. The menu is filled with countless options to surprise your taste buds! The fascinating aroma of the piquant delicacies will make your stomach growl in hunger. We have a great atmosphere to set the mood right for any celebration. Natural light, eclectic designs and patterns and with a touch of vibrant green chairs brighten up your experience. We give you a premium experience at Curry Coriander with fine food and vibrant ambiance.

One very well knows, one cannot think well, love well or sleep well, if one hasn’t dined well. So what are you waiting for? Grab your troops and head to Curry Coriander for an ultimate feast.

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